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LOCLG's Annual Board Meeting 

Annual Report 2015

    October 19, 2015 the Council held its Annual Board Meeting.    

 At this meeting, the new slate of officers were elected to positions by the Board of Directors. The Council's Board Chairman is Tom Wright, Vice-Chair is Penny Lyons, and Secretary/Treasurer is Chuck Chorpening.

The Council elected three at-large Board members to represent our small communities.  These Board members are:
Roger Corbin - City of Sunrise Beach

Della Sage - City of Stoutland
Joel McCormick- City of Iberia

The Council recognized the Directors of two area Chambers for their time donated to the Council and participation on our committees.  

The representatives recognized were:

Wendy White - Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

Trish Creach - Camdenton Chamber of Commerce

The Council also recognized two members of the Board of Directors for all the time they volunteer with the Council as members of several committees.

The Volunteers of the Year were:

Dave Van Dee - City Administrator for the City of Lake Ozark

Mark Kelly - Retired


Pictures from the Annual Meeting



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