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                 Revolving Loan Fund

The EDA Revolving Loan Fund offered through LOCLG is considered "GAP" financing.  This gap financing can be used as a tool in collaboration with other business loan programs.  If you are considering buying or starting a business and need additional funds as startup capital or to finance some equipment that cannot be financed under conventional financing, the RLF is an excellent solution. 

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Eligible Use of Revolving Loan Funds (RLF)

· Private sector job creation/retention

· Contribute substantially to economic development or stabilization

· Industrial/commercial activities

· Direct job creation/retention

· Capital for start–up, expansion, or retention of business

· Indirect job creation may be considered if local conditions warrant

· Activities consistent with the priorities of the US Department of Commerce

Overview of the Revolving Loan Fund (RLF)

Lake of the Ozarks Council of Local Governments offers the RLF through EDA as a public investment tool to assist local businesses.  An RLF is a fund of money used by eligible recipients for the purpose of making loans to achieve an economic benefit.  Loans are repaid by the borrowers and the money is returned to the fund to make additional loans.  RLF money is designed as gap funding to help local businesses obtain financing when it may conventionally be unavailable.  The primary goal of the RLF is private sector job creation or retention.

 Participants Requirements

New businesses or existing businesses must be residents of our local region of Camden, Laclede, Miller or Morgan counties.

RLF financing is flexible to assist companies with special credit concerns, and therefore may involve greater risks and more lenient terms than conventional financing.

 Collateral Requirements

In the determination of collateral requirements LOCLG will consider the merits and potential economic benefits of each applicant.  In order to encourage financial participation LOCLG will consider:

· In a direct fixed asset loan with other financial investors, the RLF loan lien position will be subordinated to other loans in connection with the overall project.

· RLF loan requests submitted by partnerships or proprietorships dependent on the continuing success on certain individuals may require a life insurance policy with assignments to the RLF from key persons.

· Personal guarantees may be required from principal owners.


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